T Tamu Inggris Mar 20, 2021

Read the following dialogue to answer the question!

Sifa: “What do you think about Lampung?”

Lisa: “In my opinion, Lampung is the beautiful city. There are so many beautiful beaches there. Lampung is also famous with its tapis or songket. It is traditional cloth in Lampung.”

Sifa: “How about its food? Do you think it is delicious?”

Lisa: “I think…. Yes! Do you know seruit? It’s delicious.”

Sifa: “Yes I know seruit. By the way…. Which one is more delicious? Seruit or sate of mushroom?”

Lisa: “According to me, seruit is more delicious than sate of mushroom.”

Sifa: “I don’t think so. I think saste of mushroom is more delicious than seruit because sate of mushroom is my favorite food.”

Lisa: “So we have different favorite foods then.”

Sifa: “I think so.”

What is Songket?

G Guru


Traditional clothes from Lampung.